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The Kirbys are Andrew & Kate Kirby


Andrew and Kate Kirby are a husband and wife songwriting team with a combined musical career spanning more than 30 years. They play as a light acoustic duo or full band. Their sound has been described as a throwback to the feel-good rock music of the 1970’s with a more modern edge of the 1990’s thrown in. Performing original music at venues from festivals to private parties, The Kirbys are happy to perform at most any kind of event, and enjoy performing at their venue in what used to be a historic church building - the Big Sandy Music Hall, in Big Sandy, TX.

"You know that I'll be there"


“We Grew up on the same block and played Star Wars with one another on the school playground. We even shared billing on a piano recital in Elementary School. All of our friends are much the same, until Junior High. Andrew was ‘liberated’ from the public school system only to find that he had almost the same love for learning in private school as he did in public.” Fast forward to 1996, Andrew was working with a company taking him in and out of town, as was Kate. 

It was in late 1996 that  The Kirbys began writing music together and following their path through all things creative. The couple shares art though photography, painting, and found object sculpture, as well as music.

"In the here and now"


   After a 12 year stint in California meeting music professionals, playing, recording and performing, the decision was made to go back home to Texas - specifically, East Texas with  pine trees, streams, lakes, family, and more music. “This chapter in our lives has proven to be rich for us. Not rich in the monetary sense, but full of inspiration, and a calling. We believe that we are here to share the love of music, and to enable music to help bring folks together. Come talk to us, when you see us at a show. We love to meet everyone, and are blessed to be doing what we love most: MUSIC.” 

In addition to writing and performing original music, current projects of The Kirbys, include but are not limited to, FloydVoid A Tribute to Pink Floyd and FirstVerse faith based A Cappella Group. The Kirbys have played shows from California to Nashville and perform regularly in North East Texas.